Compound Odontoma-A Rare Case Report in A 17 Month Old Child


  •   Abdulrhman Ali Hatiwsh

  •   Abdul Morawala

  •   Maha Saif AlMesallam


Introduction: Odontomas are Hamartomatous lesions of odontogenic origin. They comprise of two varieties complex and compound. Aetiology of odontoma is multifactorial. Usually, odontomas are asymptomatic clinically and diagnosed only on routine radiographic imaging in children and young adolescents without any gender predominance. Mostly they may be associated with missing or impacted teeth or delayed eruption of a tooth.

Case Report: The present case delineates an unusual presentation of the odontoma in a 17 months old male in lower anterior which was removed completely along with the capsule. Patient had reported no complications in a duration of 10 month follow-up.

Conclusion: To ensure better prognosis, early diagnosis of odontomas and complete removal is necessary.

Keywords: Compound odontoma, odontoma, unerupted teeth


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